RED Queen



Ahhh… look at my gorgeous Cameron. This is how she was before being brainwashed – very much an elegant demon queen. Like my picture of Genesis this is a nod to how she used to look in her magical girl days. She had two swords but the handles were flame shaped. Her boots are a direct update but her bodysuit/dress are a sexy departure from her pure white bolero/mini dress costume of yester-year. I love how different she is from her current form. When she was the demon queen her horns were visible all the time. She had all that hair and confidence. In the comic she is a shadow of her former self who barely remembers who she used to be and its a great journey to find herself in her new life.

The swords are 3D items from CSP content paradise

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Captain Brice Messier



Look at your boy! Look at him! Can you believe I created Brice 10 years ago? No? Well I can’t either. How time freakin flies. But I checked and yes it turns out I created Brice way back in 2009 (when I couldn’t draw jaws lines or figure out how to color lines) and he is by far my most popular fan character. For what reason I have no idea but people love Brice. There’s been fanart of him – that never happens to my characters – I was so floored when people loved his story and not just for him but for I portrayed an older Jim Hawkins. Before I revamped Bind it (Atlas) was my longest fanfic – spanning about 28 chapters! I was so pleased with it I have no plans to ever rewrite it LOL Plus I feel like I’d ruin it if I tried (kind of like how I’ve stalled on Roommates/Accomplice)

So a little about my man here just incase y’all don’t know – Brice is my fan creation for Treasure Planet. He is a pirate, the son a pirate in a long line of pirates to Captain the star ship ‘Atlas’. His crew consists of other decendents from the original crew of the Atlas – all sworn into a brotherly pact to keep the tradition alive. His first mate is a very large Felinoid named Wren who is extremely protective of Brice since he is older and helped raise Brice. He affectionately refers to Brice as his ‘cub’. I do believe I made him at least five years older than Jim – so when they first meet Brice is pushing thirty. And the story spans their life together until their adventures end in their 60’s so it covers a lot.

Much like my other Treasure Planet oc Andria – I based Brice’s look and color palette on an existing Disney character. Not sure if I mentioned it back then but I gave him the same colors as Scar from the Lion King. Fun fact – Brice was almost a red head because of Scar’s rust color body but I ended up making him blond and gave him somewhere fluffy hair to make him look less dangerous than he actually is. And he is in fact dangerous. In the first few chapters of his story he kills several mutineers, nearly kills Amelia and her entire crew, gets stabbed several times and somehow convinced a very dedicated Star Fleet Captain that he should leave his old life behind and join him – so yeah, he’s real good at being bad. So his clothes became black and rust colored – he got Scar’s green eyes and of course his own battle scar to show he’s been through a lot in his life as a pirate. Brice is the closest I’ll ever come to making a Disney prince – LOL can you imagine a Disney prince with a tongue piercing, that smokes weed and has a boyfriend. Well I did imagine him and he’s great!

Read Brice’s epic story here!

The Future: Platinum



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Ayyyyee… my man is 20 years old this year! 20! I can barely believe it. I remember watching the premiere like it was yesterday. Fourteen year old me fell all the way in love with Terry. I mean who wouldn’t? He’s like a perfect mix of all the Bat-boys. And they brought back the familiar color scheme from BTAS (brown suit Bruce – Brown jacket Terry). New shows should take note THIS was how you gave new life to an old franchise.

My love of Terry is rivaled only by one other artist :iconKira-Meku: who always draws him with these awesome neon light effects. You should check out their gallery it’s great! Here’s to another 20 years of Terry love 😀

Movie Star



Honestly I was gonna draw Miles even if he didn’t win the poll. I loved Into the Spiderverse. It was the best Spiderman movie – point blank, period. It explained Peter’s backstory in about 3 seconds and that’s all that was needed. Not 3 movies, a reboot, another reboot and more movies about a story we all already know. ItS was great and the Animation style was just crazy to see. It was amazing. It basically accomplished in 1 movie what 7 live action movies could never!

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Oh! This took forever. Partially because I can’t stop watching/reading JJBA… Anyway check out my little night witch: Genesis using her light based bow and arrow. Archery is trait from her magical girl days – she was the Element Warrior of Light. The outfit is an homage to her base transformation. Most of her new outfits feature stars and moons. Her face came out so cute! Slowly getting the hang of making my Asian characters look Asian… 20 years later.

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“Love you til you’re dead”

So… I finished Stardust Crusaders. Kakyoin WAS my favorite second only to Polnareff whose clean bathroom struggles I relate to so much. Funniest episodes were Yellow Temperance and Set’s Alessi. Yellow Temperance in particular is when you learn that Kakyoin is a freak – I mean if you didn’t know it before you definitely know it when you realize this flaming weirdo actually eats cherries like this. The only time I agree with Jotaro’s reactions was when he witnessed this and was like ‘oh hell naw’.

I’m thinking about putting in his scars – what do you think?

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