Character Spotlight: Brice


Watch me draw Brice’s new character sheet and learn his history!


Daken and Yuu NSFW

NSFW: My newest OCxCanon couple Yuu Sato and Daken Akihiro

Daken and Yuu - unfinishedDaken and Yuu 3 - unfinished

Daken3-clothesALL copy

Sexy MF

Daken3-clothesclaws copyDaken3-nakedall copyDaken3-nakedclaws copy

Jim and Brice

Liked Treasure Planet so much I made two different OCs for it but Brice is a clear fan favorite. Especially when paired with Jim. This year is their 10th anniversary 🙂

Indyira and Zuko

The ballad of Indy and Zuko – I’ve been drawing them a long time 🙂


A look back at my Avatar: The Last Air Bender OC Indyira


Oliver Croix

Character Spotlight of my Marvel OC: Oliver Croix – catboy mutant magician extrodinaire! Learn his history and watch me draw his latest pic


Fan Character Spotlight: Indiyira

My Avatar the Last Air Bender OC: Indyira gets the spotlight.
Also watch me draw his latest portrait in a speed draw!

Read his story TITLE on Wattpad!