Diamonds and Pearls


Watch me draw this!

My annual tribute to the one and only Prince. This year I’m WAY into Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure which makes sense because Araki Hirohiko is an avid Prince fan. Nearly all of his creations are named after pop music songs and icons but the artist he pulls the most influence from is Prince. Which probably explains why I fell so hard and so fast for JJBA. And since I’m waiting on my episodes of Golden Wind to surface I thought I’d draw Prince in the iconic outfit that inspired Giorno’s look. If you were as crazy about Prince as I am you noticed right away that Giorno’s heart-shaped-chest-out look is nearly identical to Prince’s from the days of Diamonds and Pearls. Back then Prince sported a brightly colored curved collar, big pompador with finger waves and his now iconic microphone gun. I mark this era as the start of his ‘scary’ phase – during the 90’s Prince was struggling with record labels and his personal life as the mid 90’s is when he got married to Mayte and lost the rights to his own name and started using the symbol. Other looks from this era include the see-thru pearl shirt and the word ‘slave’ written on his face.

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Watch me draw this!

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