Captain Brice Messier



Look at your boy! Look at him! Can you believe I created Brice 10 years ago? No? Well I can’t either. How time freakin flies. But I checked and yes it turns out I created Brice way back in 2009 (when I couldn’t draw jaws lines or figure out how to color lines) and he is by far my most popular fan character. For what reason I have no idea but people love Brice. There’s been fanart of him – that never happens to my characters – I was so floored when people loved his story and not just for him but for I portrayed an older Jim Hawkins. Before I revamped Bind it (Atlas) was my longest fanfic – spanning about 28 chapters! I was so pleased with it I have no plans to ever rewrite it LOL Plus I feel like I’d ruin it if I tried (kind of like how I’ve stalled on Roommates/Accomplice)

So a little about my man here just incase y’all don’t know – Brice is my fan creation for Treasure Planet. He is a pirate, the son a pirate in a long line of pirates to Captain the star ship ‘Atlas’. His crew consists of other decendents from the original crew of the Atlas – all sworn into a brotherly pact to keep the tradition alive. His first mate is a very large Felinoid named Wren who is extremely protective of Brice since he is older and helped raise Brice. He affectionately refers to Brice as his ‘cub’. I do believe I made him at least five years older than Jim – so when they first meet Brice is pushing thirty. And the story spans their life together until their adventures end in their 60’s so it covers a lot.

Much like my other Treasure Planet oc Andria – I based Brice’s look and color palette on an existing Disney character. Not sure if I mentioned it back then but I gave him the same colors as Scar from the Lion King. Fun fact – Brice was almost a red head because of Scar’s rust color body but I ended up making him blond and gave him somewhere fluffy hair to make him look less dangerous than he actually is. And he is in fact dangerous. In the first few chapters of his story he kills several mutineers, nearly kills Amelia and her entire crew, gets stabbed several times and somehow convinced a very dedicated Star Fleet Captain that he should leave his old life behind and join him – so yeah, he’s real good at being bad. So his clothes became black and rust colored – he got Scar’s green eyes and of course his own battle scar to show he’s been through a lot in his life as a pirate. Brice is the closest I’ll ever come to making a Disney prince – LOL can you imagine a Disney prince with a tongue piercing, that smokes weed and has a boyfriend. Well I did imagine him and he’s great!

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Jim and Brice

Liked Treasure Planet so much I made two different OCs for it but Brice is a clear fan favorite. Especially when paired with Jim. This year is their 10th anniversary 🙂

Speed Paint: Andria Jane

Learn the history of my Treasure Planet OC: Andria Jane PLUS watch me draw my latest picture of her:

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Andria Jane


Introduction Post about my Treasure Planet OC: Andria Jane. I created her way back in 2002 and update her look and story every few years. She is the grand daughter of a high ranking Headmaster at the Interstellar Academy – where she basically majors in ‘Artillery’. Her life changes around her 18th birthday when her estranged parents come back and kidnap her. I’m currently working on her new story but I’ve been drawing her a lot lately.


She is tasked by her grandfather and the board of directors to tutor their new golden boy: Jim Hawkins. He’s all flash and no structure. Through their forced interactions he learns that this little lady is hardly the book worm she appears to be. Her alias is actually her real name – something her grand father changed when he took custody of her. You see, young Andria is the daughter of a fairly dangerous pirate that is searching for her. He’s hoping to bring his daughter into the ‘family’ business – his family anyway.

Andria’s mother was actually the daughter of the Grand Admiral – in a misguided fit of rebellion she went and got knocked up by a pirate. Said pirate had no interest in playing daddy so they bundled Andria off to her grandfather until she could be useful… they win parents of the year right? Anyway her mother is the family disgrace and Augustine does everything in his power to keep Andy out of their clutches – including putting ace pirate fighter Jim Hawkins in her proximity.


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