Character Spotlight: Brice


Watch me draw Brice’s new character sheet and learn his history!

Daken and Yuu NSFW

NSFW: My newest OCxCanon couple Yuu Sato and Daken Akihiro

Daken and Yuu - unfinishedDaken and Yuu 3 - unfinished

Daken3-clothesALL copy

Sexy MF

Daken3-clothesclaws copyDaken3-nakedall copyDaken3-nakedclaws copy

Jim and Brice

Liked Treasure Planet so much I made two different OCs for it but Brice is a clear fan favorite. Especially when paired with Jim. This year is their 10th anniversary πŸ™‚

Indyira and Zuko

The ballad of Indy and Zuko – I’ve been drawing them a long time πŸ™‚


A look back at my Avatar: The Last Air Bender OC Indyira


Oliver Croix

Character Spotlight of my Marvel OC: Oliver Croix – catboy mutant magician extrodinaire! Learn his history and watch me draw his latest pic


Peaches Dixon

These last two weeks have been all about my Walking Dead OC Peaches Dixon. Who is she? Watch her spotlight video:

Peaches B

Want to know how she ended up with a husband like Merle Dixon? Read their story ‘Minority’ and find out!


Watch me draw this picture: