Speed Paint: Andria Jane

Learn the history of my Treasure Planet OC: Andria Jane PLUS watch me draw my latest picture of her:

Read the first chapter of her story on Wattpad

Marvel Fanart

Just some fanart pieces of my favorite Marvel comics character



Speed Draw: Calin and Klarion

A speed paint of me drawing my Young Justice OC: Calin Luthor and Klarion the Witch Boy. Interested in Calin’s story? Read it here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8837546/… & the sequel: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9560798/…

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Programs used: Clip Studio Paint/ Manga Studio

Photoshop CS4

Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybrid

Calin Luthor


Introductory post for my Young Justice OC: Calin Luthor. Code name Double Zero. Before she gets some of her memories back she is very timid and unsure of herself. After seeing a picture of Lex Luthor she regains part of herself and turns into a somewhat selfish, uncaring brat. Her sudden change is explained when the team meets Luthor and he reveals that she is his biological daughter. He further explains that she was kidnapped several months ago from her boarding school in Gotham. And that even he doesn’t know how she came to have her powers.

Since Calin was not born with her powers they wear away at her when she uses them. She needs to eat to replenish her strength. If she continues to use her powers without rest for a prolonged period of time they will consume her until there is nothing left.

Good habits: She’s actually very loyal. Despite her father’s dislike of Superman she continues to fight crime to help him. She is also a very good friend to Zatanna – who gave her the golden clip in her hair – it has some magical residue on it that somewhat shields Calin’s mind from psychics. She’s also funny, often times blurting out her thoughts on an odd situation. Her blunt and open observations are thought of as ‘hilarious’.

Bad Habits: Being the daughter of a powerful conglomerate she is very stubborn – she will not agree to or do anything she doesn’t want to. She is inconsiderate and judgmental as well.

Oddities: She is completely enamored with Superman. She covets the time they get to spend together. Ironically enough she is not very fond of Superboy.


Superman breaks up with her and leaves for the trial. Now, I know it was shitty of him to do that but he doesn’t want her waiting for him just incase he and the other league members never come back. Calin is devastated of course but with the help of her friends she eventually gets over it and starts dating Jaime.

Speaking of friends I imagine she’s still best friends with Dick – I still have a head canon that the two of them are serious club rats. They also drag Raquel, Wally and Artemis out with them – the other teammates can’t really keep up with them. Thinking of calling them the ‘night owl crew’. Reggae clubs are their favorite. Anyway, her closeness with Dick is what confuses Jaime – he thinks they’re a couple (as does nearly everyone) but he assures Jaime that he and Calin have never been together and even coaches young Jaime one how to get Calin’s affection.

Speaking of relationships it’s no coincidence her colors have started matching Klarion’s. Since she was one of The Light’s first projects she still has connections to him and they come to be almost civil. Her palm blasts are very similar to his chaos magic, no? Despite her breakup with Superman she still reps his team and takes care of Conner and Metropolis while he’s gone – even when he comes back I see her sticking close to the city for her father. She still hates Roy – they are never going to get along. And when the original Roy comes back it just makes things worse.


You can read her story HERE! And the Sequel!

See more of Calin on my Deviantart page

Genesis Saito

I’ve been creating characters for 17 years! Here’s a look back at my very first, truly original character PLUS a draw-along of my designing her for the remastered RED! Follow me on:

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Materials used: Clip Studio Paint

– sketching and lineart Photoshop

– color & shading Wacom Cintiq Companion Hybroid

Arianna Telford


I loved doing this – I got to practice the various brushes in CSP. And I also got to draw Ari which I rarely get to do. Mainly because she’s part of a live action fandom and I’m not great at drawing real people. But I got pretty close with her. Her live action model is actually Aaliyah Haughton… I’m setting myself up for heartbreak here because there’s a finite amount of pictures of Aaliyah. So I’m thinking a mix of Aaliyah and Vanessa Williams – she has the eye color and body. She’s actually black and Korean.

Moving on! It’s ARI!! So if you’re confused this is my Sons of Anarchy oc. Her name used to be Ari Jackson but after meeting everyones favorite Scot she marries Chibs and joins his crazy life. If you’re wondering why she’s not some tatted-up, edge lord like the other women on the show it’s because Ari isn’t a crow eater or a criminal. She’s a Psychiatrist and man does she have a fun time picking the brains of all the dysfunction members of the club. She knows how to get them the spill all their dirty little secrets and that makes her dangerous (in Gemma’s eyes)  and a liability (in Clay’s opinion).

This is how she appears in the chapters I have up right now. She starts out a pampered personal assistant to Elliott Oswald – his most trusted business adviser and daughter on his deceased best friend. A few chapters in she learns that she has breast cancer and comes very close to dying. Luckily she has a mastectomy and her cancer goes into remission just in time for the club to get in bed with the Cartel… yeah it’s a good story 🙂

To answer your question YES I gave Chibs another black wife. Watch the show as many times as I have you’ll notice that most of the chicks they show him flirting with are of color (or just really tan). The man had a ‘type’ and his type was ‘dark’. And then in season 7 they pair him up with that basic Becky cop bitch and my eyes rolled right out of my head. The actress is a block of wood. So I gave Chibs a vibrant, snarky wife to adore. And man does Ari give him a run for his money. She isn’t the obedient, passive aggressive ‘old lady’. She pragmatic, pessimistic and give exactly no shits.

But I won’t spoil it, read her story HERE!


 ‘Comeback’ featuring the RED girls: Sioux, Cameron and Genesis

Girls-unfinished 2

The RED girls are making their comeback. Or at least they would be if my tablet hadn’t decided to stop working. I get to spend today figuring it out… hooray…

RED is a long way from being released but I wanted to get back into the swing of drawing my girls. It took me a minute to figure out why I was having such a hard time coming up with stand alone picture ideas for them and their love interests and then I realized I used to draw them as a trio more than I did with their boyfriends and husbands. What’s so heart breaking about their story is that they truly believed they were a family and once Cameron remembers who she is she struggles with where that leaves her sisters. They all get scattered to the winds when the truth comes out. It’s a good story I’ve got so far I just need to get drawing.

For now as a pic of the main stars of RED: Sioux, Cameron and Genesis. I’m currently revamping their old comic from 10 years ago while Illegal Tender takes a break. BUT while you’re waiting the first six issues of Illegal Tender are now half price! That’s right I slashed the price on all the sites because for now IT is only in digital form while I search and save up for a new printer. So go to AMAZON or GUMROAD and keyword search ILLEGAL TENDER COMIC

Watch me draw this picture: