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Honestly I was gonna draw Miles even if he didn’t win the poll. I loved Into the Spiderverse. It was the best Spiderman movie – point blank, period. It explained Peter’s backstory in about 3 seconds and that’s all that was needed. Not 3 movies, a reboot, another reboot and more movies about a story we all already know. ItS was great and the Animation style was just crazy to see. It was amazing. It basically accomplished in 1 movie what 7 live action movies could never!

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Speedpaint: Starlight


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Oh! This took forever. Partially because I can’t stop watching/reading JJBA… Anyway check out my little night witch: Genesis using her light based bow and arrow. Archery is trait from her magical girl days – she was the Element Warrior of Light. The outfit is an homage to her base transformation. Most of her new outfits feature stars and moons. Her face came out so cute! Slowly getting the hang of making my Asian characters look Asian… 20 years later.

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“Love you til you’re dead”

So… I finished Stardust Crusaders. Kakyoin WAS my favorite second only to Polnareff whose clean bathroom struggles I relate to so much. Funniest episodes were Yellow Temperance and Set’s Alessi. Yellow Temperance in particular is when you learn that Kakyoin is a freak – I mean if you didn’t know it before you definitely know it when you realize this flaming weirdo actually eats cherries like this. The only time I agree with Jotaro’s reactions was when he witnessed this and was like ‘oh hell naw’.

I’m thinking about putting in his scars – what do you think?

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Diamonds and Pearls


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My annual tribute to the one and only Prince. This year I’m WAY into Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure which makes sense because Araki Hirohiko is an avid Prince fan. Nearly all of his creations are named after pop music songs and icons but the artist he pulls the most influence from is Prince. Which probably explains why I fell so hard and so fast for JJBA. And since I’m waiting on my episodes of Golden Wind to surface I thought I’d draw Prince in the iconic outfit that inspired Giorno’s look. If you were as crazy about Prince as I am you noticed right away that Giorno’s heart-shaped-chest-out look is nearly identical to Prince’s from the days of Diamonds and Pearls. Back then Prince sported a brightly colored curved collar, big pompador with finger waves and his now iconic microphone gun. I mark this era as the start of his ‘scary’ phase – during the 90’s Prince was struggling with record labels and his personal life as the mid 90’s is when he got married to Mayte and lost the rights to his own name and started using the symbol. Other looks from this era include the see-thru pearl shirt and the word ‘slave’ written on his face.

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Prince was a fascinating man and I’ve only scratched the surface of his looks. Check out my other versions of him: